Artist Maxim Kolomine

A member of the Moscow Union of Artists
Monumental-Decorative Art

Decorative Ceramics

"Young artist Maxim Kolomine, a muscovite, in Odessa has met well-known ceramic master Y.Gorbachev who shared with him secrets of art ceramics. Maxim Kolomine has founded manufacture of decorative ceramics in the Association "ANIS" and became the chief artist and the technologist. Artist Margarita Vorobyova and shaper Alexey Tarasov came to the association in one year. The team of like-minded persons was united with one desire - to create in ceramics the unique aesthetic things so necessary for modern, tired from an infinite stream of standard mass things. Maxim Kolomine's ceramics - soft, decorative, modelled. Sometimes smooth, in a potter's way regular, sometimes lacy, enriched with modeling, with the color glazes, capable to change the shape..."

T.Astrakhantseva, chairwoman of the critique department of the Moscow Union of Artists
The illustrated weekly magazine "Capital" N7 1993, Moscow

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